Watch Saif Ali Khan And Sara Khan - The Story Of Our Time

 The two leading characters of a comedy series by the same name are both Pakistani - Saif Ali Khan and Sara Ali Khan. They were both born in the year 1971, and this show tells their story of how they found love and married. This sitcom was one of the most popular in Pakistan and is still one of its most popular TV shows today.

Saif Ali Khan is actually a man who was once very famous, but after losing many of his friends, he has become bitter. His relationship with Sara is a love story which is full of twists and turns. They first met on the sets of an Iranian drama called "Shah Jahan" and got married in the same year. Then after the Iranian Revolution, their relationship went sour. They were forced to separate.

On her part, Sara Ali Khan works as a nurse and a teacher in Islamabad. It was her job to care for the children of the famous film director Shahrukh Khan. She was quite fond of him, but they fell out after several misunderstandings.

Now, their son, Imran Khan, is trying to follow in his father's footsteps and become a great film director. He is doing so well, but a recent interview reveals that he still has a few misgivings about his father's plans. As a result, he does not want to follow in his father's footsteps. This may be because of jealousy. However, the problem is actually much deeper than this.

Saif Ali Khan's character, Saif Ali Khan, has been told to stay at home by his father. While he is still young and healthy, his father has stopped him from going out. After this, he was left alone at home to live with his mother. When his father becomes very sick, Saif Ali Khan was supposed to take over his father's duties as he was no longer able to do so.

However, after she finds out that she cannot perform the role due to her age, Sara Ali Khan is forced into another marriage with a local boy named Saajan Bedi. They eventually get back together. Saif Ali Khan is quite disappointed when his wife, Sara Ali Khan, realizes that he will be staying at home to look after his father and his son.

This leaves Sara Ali Khan with the challenge of raising their children alone while juggling work and caring for her husband's father. After a while, though, they both fall out of love.

This show, "Saif Ali Khan and Sara Khan: The Story of Our Time", is a very touching story of love and family. The two main characters, both Pakistani, have been given a chance to share their story. This sitcom is a must watch for all those who love to see their families in happier times.

The main theme of this show is that every human being should be respected. This shows a side of Pakistan that most Americans do not know about. Most of the show is set in an apartment complex in Islamabad, Pakistan where all the citizens are members of the same religion, the Muslims. The landlord is a Hindu and the residents are Muslims.

The show also tells a story of how this was all changed when a former cricket star turned politician named Imran Khan came to power. He was able to convince his followers to change to Islam, even if it meant their own lives. Imran Khan was a big help to Sara Ali Khan by introducing a new law that states that says that parents of any child of either gender, irrespective of religion, cannot marry outside their religion.

After he came into power, Imran Khan began to show a preference for girls and became quite popular. This was a big shock to the residents. Imran Khan had always been very fond of his daughter.

As this started to happen, Sara Ali Khan found that her family started being taken advantage of by Imran Khan and his friends. They started to abuse them. This is the main reason why she and Saif Ali Khan began to feel resentment towards each other. This show is a must watch, especially for the parents who would like to know what their daughters are feeling.


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