The Real Deal About Rajdeep Chopra & Alia Bhatt

The rivalry between Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapur isn't a new one, and it's still alive and well in the Hollywood scene. There's no doubt that they're both incredibly beautiful, but this particular pair is constantly at odds when it comes to their romantic aspirations. They've both dated the starry-eyed Ranbir Kapur, and they've also dated Hollywood's top men - and their recent relationship with Alia Bhatt is a case in point.

Rajdeep Chopra, who plays both characters on the series, has been quite open about the deep disagreements between them. "Ranbir and Deepika are very different," he once said, and admitted that the couple "went through some serious problems" in the last few years. "I've known her since I was thirteen and her parents had put me up at my own grandmother's house.

"I know she's a very lovely girl but the truth is that she has a hard time with her boyfriends. It's as if she's always been trying to be in their company. It's very difficult for her.

"Alia, in turn, is very hard on Rajdeep because of her father. He's a very bad boy, so when Rajdeep falls for Ranbir, she just goes along for the ride.

"It's like they're on different ships and one is going to explode any minute." As far as Ranbir goes, he recently gave an interview in which he seemed to be saying that they're not getting along and he's worried. "Deepika is always there for me, and that's what matters.

"Rajdeep can't help his behavior because he feels like he needs her to understand him. And because of her, he will behave himself. to the best of his ability. But Deepika cannot help herself from making him feel guilty that he's a 'good boy' and doesn't live up to her expectations.

"If this is what Rajdeep feels like, then maybe it's time for him to stop thinking he's a good boy. Maybe he needs a bit of discipline, too." Deepika has also accused Rajdeep of trying to take over their romantic relationship, and of being a control freak. Rajdeep has denied these accusations, but they continue to be a source of tension between the two women. Ranbir has said that they're just friends, but it looks like they'll never be able to resolve the problem - even though the two are seen on several TV shows together.

Rajdeep and Alia have been married for five years now. Though their friendship has remained somewhat cool, Bedi has said that the two are very close with one another, and that they speak every day. "They're always at each others' throats in their private conversations," she told the Times of India. "Ranbir and Deepika have a great respect for each other's characters.

When asked about her thoughts on Rajdeep and Alia, Bedi said that she thinks "all men are great in their own ways". However, Rajdeep "isn't perfect", and she does believe that he needs to be more controlling in some areas. "He's the sort of person who likes to control everything, even his own life. So he has to understand what's expected of him."

Bedi also said that Rajdeep's character has a lot of baggage, and that he's "sometimes very hard to live with". Bedi said that she didn't get on with him because he had many children, and she didn't like the fact that he had no sense of family values. "There's no balance in his life." And when Rajdeep went to the movies, Bedi said that she felt like it was a waste of time because he didn't go out with her much, and she didn't like the way he treated her.

When Alia was asked about how she felt about Rajdeep, she said that she thought he was a "bad boy" who needs to be taught a lesson - but she did not really give a lot of detail. "I have a friend who is married and I'm like a mother. She doesn't like him as a man, but that's her business." "Ranbir is a friend," she added.

While Rajdeep and Alia don't seem to have any kids of their own, they do have children in Matrimonial Sites. The site has received a lot of criticism from other users of the site. They have been accused of being a bad match, or not being compatible. But Rajdeep and Alia have maintained a clean record with Matrimonial Sites, despite all the problems that have surrounded them.


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